Team Awards 2016

Under 8 Red:

Best and Fairest:        Tyson Rabel

2nd Best and Fairest:  Oliver Thomson

3rd Best and Fairest:  Oliver Palmer

Most Courageous: Josh Seabrook

Most Improved: Ben Galante

Best 1st Year Player: Ethan Kingsley

Coaches Award: Thomas McRae

ANZAC Medal Winner: Ethan Kingsley


Coach: Pat Henderson

Assistant Coach: Mark Lucas

Team Manager:              Cara-Aleesha Weymouth

Runner: Andy Galante

Umpire: Malcolm Palmer
Lindsay Dower

Trainer: Jackie Booth


Under 9 Orange:

Best and Fairest:        Ioannis Armatas

2nd Best and Fairest:  Ricky Theodoropoulos

3rd Best and Fairest: Matthew Ramman

Most Courageous: Mason Boltuc

Most Improved: Anthony Spano

Best 1st Year Player Ethan Cash

Coaches Award: Aiden Ryan

ANZAC Medal Winner: Nicholas Convy



Coach: David Cash
Steve Convy

Team Manager: Lindsay Armatas

Runner: Terry Theodoropoulos

Trainer: David Scott

Umpire: George Wintle


Under 9 Green:

Best and Fairest:        Theo Ioannou

2nd Best and Fairest:  Rafael Parton

Equal 3rd Best and Fairest:   Marcus Boyce
Steven Amadeo

Most Courageous: Jole Gardiner

Most Improved: Jimmy Galante

Coaches Award: Daniel McRae

Best 1st Year Player: Sam Benson

ANZAC Medal Winner: Theo Ioannou


Coach: Rob Gardiner

Assistant Coach: James Parton

Team Manager: Nick Rentzis

Runner: Michael Franklin

Trainer: Peter & Emma Ioannou

Umpire: Bruce Ansell


Under 10 Purple:

Best and Fairest:        Oliver Green

2nd Best and Fairest:  Thomas Heverin

3rd Best and Fairest: Ethan Gray

Most Courageous: Billy Robinson

Most Improved: James McLaughlin

Coaches Award: Steven Gruevski

ANZAC Medal Winner: Billy Robinson



Coach: Pat Heverin

Team Manager: John Bernardo

Trainer: Gonz Valenzuela

Umpire: Gab Robinson


Under 10 Blue:

Best and Fairest:        Oscar Mortin

2nd Best and Fairest:  Sunreet Dheer

3rd Best and Fairest:  Angus Toomey

Most Courageous: Jessie Sladdin

Most Improved: Alex Hastings

Coaches Award: Sam Holman

ANZAC Medal Winner: Jessie Sladdin



Coach: Damian Toomey

Assistant Coach: Mark D’Rozario

Team Manager: Jodie D’Costa

Trainer: Angela Sladdin

Runner: Robert Hastings


Under 11 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:        Jack Iverson

2nd Best and Fairest:  Ben Cantwell

3rd Best and Fairest:  Anthony Ferrara

Most Courageous: Steven Hondrakis

Most Improved: Luke Varela

Coaches Award: Thomas Haddon

ANZAC Medal Winner: Archie Callander
Navraj Gill



Coach: Andrew McFarlane

Assistant Coach: Rob Chetwin

Team Manager: Tim Cantwell

Trainer: Richard Clifton


Under 12 Div 4:

Best and Fairest:        Ethan Rundle

2nd Best and Fairest:  James Polites

3rd Best and Fairest:  Samuel McKenzie

Most Courageous: Patrick Greene

Most Improved: Jake Greenaway

Coaches Award: Ethan Avinu

ANZAC Medal Winner: Jason Smith



Coach: Paul Guergues

Assistant Coach: Jamie Rundle

Team Manager: Daniella Polites

Runner: Fabian Amedeo

Trainer: Chaim Avinu

Under 13 Div 2:

Best and Fairest:        Robert Amendola

2nd Best and Fairest:  Sean Anderson

Equal 3rd Best and Fairest:   Jason Toward
Connor Cochrane

Most Courageous: Nikita Tsouparis

Most Improved: Aaron Chea

Coaches Award: Lachlan Stewart

ANZAC Medal Winner: Robert Amendola



Coach: Ron Grabusmik

Team Manager: Nicole Ullrich

Runner: Stan Laoumtzis

Trainer: Jeff Fortune


Under 14 Div 2:

Equal Best and Fairest:  George Ruzbacky
Eamon McKenzie

2nd Best and Fairest: Ethan Sherlock

3rd Best and Fairest: Liam Heverin

Most Courageous: Sam Carter

Most Improved: James Little

Coaches Award: Sebastian Formoso

ANZAC Medal Winner: Sam Carter



Coach: Damien Sherlock

Assistant Coach: Nathan Little

Team Manager: Peter McKenzie

Trainer: Natalie McKenzie

Runner: Greg Boxshall


Under 15 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:        Thomas Gillard

2nd Best and Fairest:  Nicholas Stathopoulos

3rd Best and Fairest: Jack Greely

Most Courageous: Jack Gorman

Most Improved: Robin Chea

Coaches Award: Sulaiman Mohd Izlani

Best Finals Player: Thomas Gillard

ANZAC Medal Winner: Thomas Gillard



Coach: Simon Greely

Assistant Coach: Richard May

Team Manager: Stuart Gillard

Trainer: Carolyn Greely

Runner: Marcus Gorman


Under 15 Girls Div 1:

Best and Fairest:        Sarah Morley

2nd Best and Fairest:  Maddie Box

3rd Best and Fairest:  Kaitlyn Sidopoulos

Most Courageous: Isabella Taylor

Most Improved: Elena Michael

Coaches Award: Ruby Ford

ANZAC Medal Winner: Emily Heverin




Coach: Jordan Bethune

Assistant Coach: Cass Bethune

Team Manager: Paula O’Connor

Trainer: Carole Pearce

Runner: Gary Ryan


Under 16 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:        Thomas Newstead

2nd Best and Fairest:  Naum Krauer

3rd Best and Fairest: Benjamin Hall

Most Courageous: Maurice Smith

Most Improved: Jonathan Perrone

Coaches Award: Mitchell Powell

Best Finals Player: Naum Krauer

ANZAC Medal Winner: Naum Krauer



Coach: Scott Murray

Assistant Coach: Shams Osmani

Team Manager: David Vapp

Trainer: Sarah Smith,
Natalie Jackson

Runner: Jim Hall



A HUGE Thanks must also go to all the parents and siblings, in all teams, that rotated in the on and off field positions of Boundary Umpire, Goal Umpire, Water Carrier, Timekeeper, orange cutter, lolly supplier, etc”.