Team Awards 2015


U8 Best & Fairest winner Ricky Theodoropoulos with coach Steve Convy

Under 8 Red:

Best and Fairest:                Ricky Theodoropoulos

2nd Best and Fairest:         Matthew Ramman

3rd Best and Fairest:         Jett Gavin

Most Courageous:              Mason Boltuc

Most Improved:                 Antonios Rentzis

Best 1st Year Player:         Josh Lucas

Coaches Award:                 Anthony Spano

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Robbie Cuthbertson


  Under 9 Yellow:

imageBest and Fairest:                Oliver Green

2nd Best and Fairest:         Thomas Heverin

3rd Best and Fairest:         Jordan Stuart

Most Courageous:              Oliver Arnott

Most Improved:                 Samuel Iverson

Best 1st Year Player          Marcus Boyce

Coaches Award:                 Billy Robinson

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Ethan Grey


imageUnder 9 Red:

Best and Fairest:              Alexander Convy

2nd Best and Fairest:      Panagiotis Koutsourelis

3rd Best and Fairest:      Samuel Holman

Most Courageous:           Yiannis Roussos

Most Improved:               Angus Toomey

Coaches Award:               Andre Ghaly

ANZAC Medal Winner:   Sunreet Dheer



imageUnder 10 Green:

Best and Fairest:                Nick Clifton

2nd Best and Fairest:         Ben Cantwell

3rd Best and Fairest:         Lachie McFarlane

Most Courageous:              Connor Riley

Most Improved:                 Max Cavolo

Coaches Award:                 Thomas Haddon

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Ben Cantwell




imageUnder 11 Green:

Best and Fairest:                Jonah Guergues

2nd Best and Fairest:         James Harper

3rd Best and Fairest:         Michael Amadeo

Most Courageous:              Anthony Ferrara

Most Improved:                 Jake Tabaczynski

Coaches Award:                 Xavier Soldati

Best Finals Player:             Jack Iverson

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Oliver Arnott



imageUnder 11 North:

Best and Fairest:                Ethan Rundle

2nd Best and Fairest:         Enrique Soria

3rd Best and Fairest:         Samuel McKenzie

Most Courageous:              Jonothan Hendricks

Most Improved:                 Lachlan Wycherley

Coaches Award:                 James Polites

ANZAC Medal Winner:     James Polites



imageUnder 12 North:

Best and Fairest:                Sean Anderson

2nd Best and Fairest:         Aiden Varela

3rd Best and Fairest:         Campbell Bedford

Most Courageous:              Nikita Tsouparidis

Most Improved:                 Alexander Hansen

Coaches Award:                 Tomas Roth

Best Finals Player:             Kartikay Sharma

 ANZAC Medal Winner:     Sean Anderson



Under 12 South:

Best and Fairest:                Robert Amendola

2nd Best and Fairest:         Connor Cochrane

3rd Best and Fairest:         Lachlan Stewart

Most Courageous:              Antony Bernardo

Most Improved:                 Will Iverson

Coaches Award:                 Ted Cuthbertson

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Lachlan Stewart



imageUnder 13 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:                Ethan Sherlock

2nd Best and Fairest:         Hayden Boyce

3rd Best and Fairest:         Eamon McKenzie

Most Courageous:              Samuel Carter

Most Improved:                 Aleksander Paris

Coaches Award:                 Jackson Hall

Best Finals Player:             Liam Heverin

 ANZAC Medal Winner:     Aleksander Paris



imageUnder 14 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:                Jaxon Stuart

2nd Best and Fairest:         Nicholas Stathopoulos

3rd Best and Fairest:         George Ruzbacky

Most Courageous:              Thomas Gillard

Most Improved:                 Aaron Ninnis

Coaches Award:                 Jack Gorman

Best Finals Player:             Thomas Gillard

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Massimo Cappiello



imageUnder 15 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:                Ben Hall

2nd Best and Fairest:         Samuel Edmundson

3rd Best and Fairest:         Stephen Konteveis

Most Courageous:              Thomas Newstead

Most Improved:                 Solehin Mohd Izlani

Coaches Award:                 Fraser Jackson

Best Finals Player:             Wais Osmani

 ANZAC Medal Winner:     Ben Hall



imageUnder 17 Div 3:

Best and Fairest:                Corey Moore

2nd Best and Fairest:         Lucas Cloke

3rd Best and Fairest:         Ryan Powell

Most Courageous:              James Robinson

Most Improved:                 Justin McCarthy

Coaches Award:                 Lucas Perri

ANZAC Medal Winner:     Caleb Qumivutia